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Welcome to Pink Stiletto, thank you for reaching out. I am so looking forward to getting to know you and your journey so far!

About Us

Lauren Phillips- Founder and CEO

My experience is in health coaching. I have been coaching on and off since I was 17. Through some life changes and truly listening to my heart I have found where my passion lies- Coaching women just like me to create the businesses and lives of their dreams.

However, along the way of starting businesses, closing businesses plus working in sales, you learn a thing or two of classic do's and dont's when it comes to a successful business. 

Not to mention how lonely and at times an extremely frustrating experience it can all be. My mission is to bring together strong women that will support each other through tough times and cheer each other on through fantastic times. All the while teaching what works for me but mostly working out together what works for you and your business.


Join my community

Join my community of amazing entrepreurs. I have designed Group coaching to raise you and your business to great heights.

For a very affordable monthly price, gain access to my weekly trainings and webinars plus work sheets.

 Join my private facebook group where the women share stories and network plus chat about the current trainings and how to get the most out of them.

This group is the support and motivation that you need to move forward. The trainings will guide you to the next step and will teach you what really works to take out the guessing for you plus get you there so much faster then trying to do it all on your own.


One on One Coaching

I am a mummy, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter and now a women's business coach and life coach, however I am just like you. I have had many ups and many downs. I have struggled with mental illness amoung other things, however the one thing that I have that perhaps you do not at this very point of time (but will have) is Belief. 

I want to work one on one with you to teach you to believe again. If you want to create a business that makes you financially abundant- Guess what YOU CAN!

If you want to travel the world while working on your business for just a few hours a day- YOU CAN

Perhaps you just want to finally start earning from your passion so you can continue- YOU CAN

Together we will work on what is it holding you back? What blockages are you holding onto? What do your current beliefs and thought patterns do for you? Why do you have these beliefs about yourself?

I am a like a best friend, holding your hand along the way, guiding you to think outside the box, supporting you when you need, then cheering you on when you have break throughs.

Lets become friends and start planning out your next move to an amazing business that helps create an amazing life!


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Look at what these ladies have to say!

Sarah from Bodies By Design Fitness and Nutrition says:

Pink Stiletto has shown me how to approach businesses and create rapport with outside sources. Lauren has shown me effective ways of getting my business known to the public and also helped create a database with over 60 names.

We launched my first group fitness event with great success whilst having big name businesses such as Lorna Jane, It's Sweet As & Nutrition Warehouse holding stalls.

Thank you Pink Stiletto for helping me generate more leads, expand my business and launch my most successful group training yet!

Dee from My little sweet treats says:

Lauren has taught me the importance of building your audience or tribe by creating relationships not just trying to sell to them all the time.

I have changed my way of thinking from all Sales Sales Sales (which I hate) to - what does my audience want from me? what do they need from me? Then give, give ,give and it will all fall into place perfectly.

She helped be go from 200 followers on Instagram with very little engagement to 800 within one month but with loads of engagement and interaction.

Thank you Pink Stiletto

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